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Oddbods: Sticky Tacky

Get ready to blast off and begin an interstellar adventure in Oddbods: Sticky Tacky. Can you hold everything together in this cute Oddbods game?

Fuse and his friends have found themselves on a spaceship in this skill game that’s based on the popular animated series from One Animation. Join them while they crack open one of the airlocks and build towers with a group of friendly aliens. Will you be able to get through each challenging level?

How to Play Oddbods: Sticky Tacky?

Oddbods: Sticky Tacky is an adorable adventure game. Join the Oddbods while they build towers during their journey through outer space. You’ll need to make sure that each one is solidly built and won’t collapse once the timer starts counting down to zero.

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Who Developed Oddbods: Sticky Tacky?

Oddbods: Sticky Tacky was created by One Animation.